1. This right here is what I consider to be a visualisation of peace and serenity. Truely perfect. Give credit where credit is due y’all. S/O to Extracrispy.

  2. Last January @BBB. I was there for work, but spent more time being photographed then actually being able to do work. I even ended up on Highsnobiety, which was pretty awesome if you ask me hahah. Anyways, I was just having fun with fashion. And this was probably the most colour-less look I have ever rocked.

  3. I loved the contradiction of this art installation I “ran into” @MACBA, the museum of contemporary arts in Barcelona. I tried to frame it in a way that would capture its essence.. or at least what I saw in it; A perfectly beautiful mess.

  4. This is one of the first shoots I styled by myself. Sometimes you don’t need a concept. Every now and then you can do your best work when you just follow your instinct and do what you love. And of course it helps when you’re working with a great model (Leroy@ Alpha Male MM) and a great photographer(Inge Nicolaij)!!

  5. Just me, doin’ me, in a look that pretty much defines me; fresh, colourful, funky and fresh. Maybe a little crazy too, but to me my crazy is pretty normal hahah. Styling by Lydiene Thomas and the shoot was for The Lavish World.

  6. I was so happy when I got these Pony X Dee & Ricky “splitups”. Basically I’m obsessed with the whole Pony x Dee & Ricky line, but these beauties are new to my own personal collection. I still haven’t found the right outfit to rock them with, but when I do, it’s gonna be fresh. Mad love for the team over @Pony-Europe btw. 

  7. Pride. Heritage. Ethnicity. I love this. I love the styling in this picture. I love what it represents to me, what I see in it and what it gives me. I wish the model wasn’t looking so cocky and wasn’t smoking though. That to me would have made this picture truly majestic and poetic. Still, it’s super epic though.

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  8. This is my kinda art; Simple and colourful, with a hint of abstraction. I first saw the artist painting it @BBB last January, then met the following BBB last July. He is one of two owners and designers of the Swedish brand Mouli. Although their line is not a direct translation of this painting, it is just as awesome. Gotta love it!

  9. pollybaumgartner:


    Oh my freaking lord, This. Is. Not. Real. These sneakers is soooooooo dope. Words cannot even describe it. The layers, the colours, the stacking, the white slickness, the futuristic elements… I might actually kill for these. So dope!!

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  10. bboygregory:

    Grace from the Block. 

    So I know the whole Harlem Shake-thing is just annoying at this point and dead, but how funny would it be to see the amazing grace break out in some random dance move in the next scene hahah

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